Oto Riemele
Photo: Mike Crawford

Oto Rimele is a painter, visual artist and author of visual spatial settings. He expresses himself with form and colour.

His art work could be described as “spiritual minimalism” and corresponds to the European sacral tradition and contemporary authors such as Mark Rothko, Anish Kapoor, James Turell, Bill Viola, Arvo Pärt.

Rimele finished undergraduate and postgraduate studies of fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. For the purpose of his studies, he has travelled around Europe, Great Britain and the States. Currently, he is Full Professor at the University of Maribor, Slovenia.

He has presented himself to the audience in numerous individual and group expositions. As a musician he cooperated with rock band Lačni Franz (1979–1985) and a Slovenian avant-garde music group Laibach (Opus Dei).

Recently, an important book of his artwork has been published, entitled Oto Rimele: Spirituality of Material Absence, which was written in co-operation with an important connoisseur of world art Professor Dr. Jure Mikuž.

Additional information on the author and his work can be found here: www.otorimele.com/en/words/about-the-author.

Keywords: pure form, colour reflection, sublim, abstract, sacral, light, minimalism